Varya lacks patience with terrible tenants

Varya Malina is annoyed by her tenants who don’t want to pay their rent and deposit. The 90 Day Fiancé star speaks to her fans online.

Varya Malina from 90 day fiance recently posted a rant about his disrespectful tenants on Instagram. Fans may know that the former reality TV star sold her apartment in Russia and moved to the United States in early 2021. Varya started her new life in Pensacola, Florida, and in August 2021, she finally called America home. She loved living by the beach in the Sunshine State, but had to move to Knoxville, Tennessee, to tend to Geoffrey Paschel’s home after he was sent to prison for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. friend in June 2019. The Russian native was eager to share content related to his new life in the countryside.


But she was soon overwhelmed with responsibilities. In November 2021, the 90 day fiance The actor posted his raw moments on Instagram, revealing that the first stage of his immigration was really difficult. She broke down in tears talking about her family and longed for hugs from them. Yet she continued to help Geoffrey by managing his rental properties and tenants. But it was not easy for her. Varya first called the cops in America when she thought one of her tenants was a squatter.

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While Geoffrey was sentenced to 18 years in prison, it seems Varya is still struggling with property management issues. She recently posted screenshots of her conversation with one of her tenants who is reluctant to pay rent. Varya told the tenant she would get the rent on March 24, but the payment was not ready. The tenant told the 90 day fiance star,”Hey Aaron doesn’t get paid until tomorrow, I just realized you said on the 24th, I won’t have any money until tomorrow morning.The next day, Varya was planning to collect the rent at 10:30 a.m., but the tenant said they weren’t home.

The former radio presenter got frustrated and revealed that this tenant didn’t even pay the security deposit when he first moved in but promised to make it up. She added, “She ALWAYS breaks her promises regarding payments and what’s most annoying, she never let me know that her plans changed so disrespectfully that I lost patience.Varya is also annoyed that her tenants don’t mow the yard, and now she may have to hire someone to do that. She decided to evict the tenants if they don’t pay the rent in March. what she claims is absolutely true, her annoyance is justified.

33-year-old reality TV star Varya recently immigrated to America and has no experience in property management. Therefore, it’s understandable that she’s stressed about looking after Geoffrey’s rental properties. I hope she may have felt better after venting on Instagram. 90 day fiance fans hope that the problem will be solved by itself, and Varya will not have to chase rent from its tenants.

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Source: Varya Malina/Instagram


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