The government publishes new guidelines on the right to rent for …

The Home Office has issued a new version of its guidelines for officers on how to conduct tenancy checks.

The previous update was dated July 6, but the new one – dated December 17 – takes into account recent government announcements on the EU settlement program applicable to EUSS applicants who wish to join family members in the Kingdom. -United.

EUSS applicants and their family members will now be able to enter into new rental contracts pending the outcome of their EUSS application. The Home Office guidelines remain that when a potential tenant has a certificate of application confirming a valid application to the EUSS made on or after July 1 of this year, agents and landlords should verify this with the Home Office Landlord Checking. Service.

Other important updates in the guidance relate to changes to the lists of acceptable documents applicants can produce and an extension of the Covid-19 temporary verification process introduced at the start of the pandemic period.

You can see the modified right to rent full guide here.

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