Tanzania: land rent defaulters will be penalized

The MINISTRY of Land, Housing and Human Settlements Development has collected more than $ 60 billion in land rents, calling on landowners who have not yet paid the rent to write off their debts by today in order to to avoid paying extra charge as a penalty.

According to Land Commissioner Mathew Nhonge, rent for land is paid once in a respective fiscal year that begins July 1 through June 30 of the following year. “Every legal landowner is required to pay rent, the law has granted a six-month grace period in the respective year from July 1 to December 31 to clear payment before paying with 1% interest,” said he declared.

He noted that from January 1, land rent defaulters will start paying rent with 1% interest for each additional month. Mr Nhonge said the ministry has put in place a good system for citizens, institutions and businesses to make payments through cellphones and those with accumulated debts to pay in installments.

When rent is not paid, we normally notify defaulters through notice, and after 14 days we begin to take legal action to collect government tax by bringing defaulters to land and housing boards. and the court. He noted that the ministry has also set up a customer communication center with the aim of serving citizens on matters related to rent, filing, receiving complaints and their advice.

Commenting on land surveying and planning, Nhonge said that to date about 25% of the land has been surveyed and planned, adding that in order to achieve the goal of surveying all of the land, the government hired 163 private companies to speed up the process. .

The head of the rental unit of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Denis Masami, said that to date more than 60 billion / – has been collected on the goal of raising 221 billion / – during the 2021/2022 financial year. He said the people who own land, by law, are 1.7 million and those who have paid so far are around 50 percent.

“We have developed several strategies to ensure payment is made on time … for example in the Dodoma region the number of landowners paying rent has increased from 250 to 890 per week and collections have also increased. between 60m / – and 70m / – to 200m / – per week, “he said.

Masami further noted that after December 31, the ministry will conduct an assessment to identify land rent defaulters for further legal action.

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