New Book From Utah Authors Tells You How To Keep Your Retirement Savings


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The baby boomer generation represents more than 70 million people in the United States, according to Statista, so it’s no wonder retirement is at the forefront of many conversations (both casual and political). Many of these people fear that they have enough retirement savings and worry about their lack of savings.

Two authors from Utah are helping baby boomers make the most of their retirement. Ryan Thacker and Tyson Thacker, owners of BOSS Retirement Solutions and Advisors, extend the reach of their expertise beyond state borders with their book “The BOSS Retirement Blueprint: Your Guide to a Secure and Independent Retirement”, out today. hui, September 28. .

The “Retirement Brothers” have created a guide for anyone looking to create a more financially prosperous future. Here is an overview of their methods.

Paving the way for financial freedom

Removing barriers to retirement is no easy task for most Americans. In fact, according to, half of Americans are unprepared for retirement. And with around 10,000 people turning 65 every day, that means the struggle for retirement is only getting more real.

In “The BOSS Retirement Blueprint,” the Thacker brothers compare the reality of retirement to Utah’s infamous 1983 mudslides. In the book’s introduction, the authors describe looking at their neighbor’s cabin while it was being pushed from its foundations, completely destroying their mountain dream.

“You watch your neighbor’s retirement be swept away by a mudslide of obstacles they face, like no income plan, sharp swings in the stock market and taxes,” the introduction reads. .

The trick, of course, is to make sure that your own financial foundation is solid, despite any mudslides or other metaphorical disasters that may befall you.

The BOSS Retirement Blueprint provides the retirement planning history that every American worker should have, whether or not they have a plan in place. Addressing issues such as income issues, growth versus risk, tax dilemmas, and retirement preparation, the book not only educates readers about barriers to retirement, it also provides real and tactical ways to eliminate them.

Proven methods

To say that the Thacker brothers speak from experience is an understatement. With six offices across the Wasatch Front, BOSS Retirement Solutions and Advisors has a long history of helping Utah residents plan for a more financially secure future.

Using the BOSS Retirement Blueprint â„¢, the company helps clients see their retirement strategy from all angles, identifying and mitigating risks and challenges along the way.

Now the Thackers have put that plan into real print, with a book written for all Americans, especially those concerned about their financial security.

“I admire Ryan and Tyson for their passion for working with families to understand their financial goals and help develop plans to achieve them,” said Jim Bowman of Excel Advisors in a review. “Their main differentiator is that they don’t see themselves as fund managers, insurers or tax specialists, but problem solvers who harness all financial tools to provide people with the most efficient and effective way. tax-efficient to enjoy the best chapter of their life! I wish more advisers would think that way! “

Make your retirement dreams a reality

While most Americans dream of a quiet or adventurous retirement – think of golf days and international travel – the hard truth is that most workers today are not on track to enjoy the genre. lifestyle they hoped for in their golden years.

This is all the more true given that, according to the authors, social security will only cover about a third of the income needs of most retirees. This realization is often a shock to retirees, and as Thacker and Thacker state in their book, they don’t want you. And luckily, they have a plan that can help.

As the fifth and sixth born to a family of seven, Ryan and Tyson Thacker have spent decades of Sunday dinners together, talking about what really matters. Today, they still talk about what really matters to their customers, their readers, and all American families.

Through their book, they hope to help you and your family create a more confident and financially secure future.

The BOSS Retirement Plan is on Amazon today from September 28 and is available this week only for $ 1.99. Click here to purchase the book at a reduced price. To learn more about the authors and how you can start your personal retirement plan, visit the BOSS Retirement Solutions website.

Financial peace for the future

It’s never too late (or too early) to start planning for your retirement. If you’ve saved $ 200,000 or more for retirement and want to know exactly how much money you could see in taxes in retirement, schedule a free retirement tax analysis with one of our fiduciary advisors in clicking here or by calling 801-216-3683.

Ryan Thacker and Tyson Thacker are the founders of BOSS Retirement Solutions with 6 offices in the great city of Salt Lake City. They are three-time recipients of Utah’s Best of State Award.

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New Book From Utah Authors Tells You How To Keep Your Retirement Savings

Ryan Thacker and Tyson Thacker for BOSS Retirement Solutions

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