“Luxury” apartment in Denver requiring a non-disparagement agreement

DENVER — Renters have flocked to the Grand Apartments in downtown Denver amid several major issues and repairs that have made their stay anything but grand.

The property bills itself as upscale and luxurious, but instances of flooding and black mold in multiple units, health code violations, and tenant complaints about management and living conditions paint a very different picture. large apartments.

Following Denver7’s story about the property in December, city inspectors ordered the apartment complex to fix several issues after ruling that the property had failed to “maintain the building in a safe and sanitary condition.” , according to a complaint provided by the city’s Community and Development Department.

City of Denver

Order to comply

When Denver7 showed up at the Grand with cameras rolling on Dec. 3, the property management team sent a message to all tenants advising them that they can terminate their lease without penalty due to the ongoing issues. .


Tenant of the Large Apartments

Tenants like Anthony Tori have taken advantage of this.

“I was like, ‘OK, this works because I’m moving into my new apartment before the holidays. I’ll be back from the break in my brand new apartment. New year, new place, more Grand'” Tori says.

According to Tori, management agreed on a move-out date and he would soon be gone for good.

But, there was a big catch.

“I think it was about a week after I got a call from [a Grand employee] saying that ‘You have to sign this document,'” Tori said.

It was a four-page lease termination document that included both a non-disparagement and non-disclosure clause, which did not allow Tori to say anything negative about the property, not even an online review or negative comment on social media.

When Tori pushed back via email, a staff member at the apartment informed him of the consequences of not signing it.

“Each day the document is not signed, you will be subject to an additional day of rent on a pro-rated, month-by-month basis, as we cannot get you out of the billing system without this form being signed or a break lease,” the email reads.

2.PNG email

Anthony Tori, former tenant of the Grands Appartements

Tori said he kept pushing management about it until they gave up and allowed him to leave without signing it, but many current and former tenants confirmed they weren’t spared. .

Sarah Culler, a spokeswoman for Grand Apartments, released a statement on the lease termination document on Wednesday that said, in part, “residents who elected to terminate earlier have signed a standard Resident Lease Termination Form. Language that refers to non-disclosure has since been removed.”

This clause was only removed after Denver7 reached out, but nothing about the non-disparagement clause was addressed in the statement. A request for additional clarification had not been addressed at the time of publication.

Long-term tenant or not, each resident will have to leave their unit around spring 2022 due to repairs, according to a message sent to all tenants on December 30.


Tenant of the Large Apartments

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