Lack of logistics affecting the work of Rent Control – Public Affairs Manager

Head of Public Affairs at the Rent Control Department, Emmanuel Hovey Kporsu said the Department is unable to fulfill its mandate due to the lack of logistics needed to operate.

He explained that the Department’s mandate to inspect homes and validate them for rental was not fulfilled due to the lack of vehicles.

“As part of the work, we have to do inspections but it is impossible because there are no vehicles to embark on such a trip,” he said.

He added that the lack of computers and internet services also makes it difficult to keep records that could help track and resolve issues. It also makes it impossible to trace re-address issues, leaving most cases unattended.

“The lack of computers and internet connectivity makes communication and data transfer difficult,” he said.

Speaking on Joy Prime’s Social Watch with Jay Foley Thursday, he said, the ministry is operating on limited resources.

However, he assured that the office would soon fulfill its mandate as part of the vice president’s digitization policy, which aims to move all government agencies to a digital platform.

“The vice president has promised to digitize all offices, discussions are underway and will be implemented soon,” he revealed.

The Rent Control Department is a government agency under the Ministry of Labor and Housing. It works in cooperation with landlords and tenants to promote optimal peaceful coexistence through education, reconciliation while dealing with rent matters in accordance with the Rent Act 1963 (ACT 220).

The ministry has received negative reactions from Ghanaians for failing to fulfill its mandate due to the many problems with rental contracts between tenants and landlords.

Reacting to this, Emmanuel Kporsu admitted that the Department had not fulfilled its mandates due to internal issues, adding that few resources were allocated to the office.

Successful governments have failed to address housing problems in the country, he said.

“There are housing problems in the country because not all governments have been successful in closing the housing deficit in the country. Affordable housing projects, if properly implemented, will reduce rent problems, ”he added.

Mr. Kporsu pleaded with the public to inquire about the rent law.

He went on to say that most landlords and tenants do not follow the rent law.

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