Key points to keep in mind for a child’s higher education journey

Along with making a child a good human being, education is the single most important investment – ​​be it time, hard work or money – to improve a child’s employability. ‘child. Thus, one of the most important life goals of parents is to provide the best education for their children.

However, not all students are admitted to reputable government-run tertiary institutions and must seek admissions from expensive private institutions and even top foreign universities around the world.

As studying at private and overseas institutions is expensive – especially in the absence of scholarships – students should carefully assess prospects before choosing a course.

“As parents, preparing and sending your child to study abroad is an important decision. So it’s crucial to start preparing for it early, don’t wait until the last minute to get things done. There are many things to keep in mind before enrolling children in an international course. While it all starts with the amount of money you’ve saved to support your child’s study abroad dreams, the journey doesn’t end there. Most middle-class families can’t afford a child’s college education in a foreign country, or even if they do, they typically use up their retirement savings. However, if parents start preparing timely, all these problems can be easily solved,” said Prashant K Bhonsle, Founding CEO and Founder of Kuhoo Fintech.

Bhonsle lists the following six points that every parent should keep in mind when preparing for a child’s higher education journey in a foreign country:

  • Meet with an education and finance expert or advisor
  • Choose country, university and course wisely
  • Search for suitable scholarships or student loans
  • Get full details on immigration policies
  • Give preference to countries that have work permit policies for students
  • Budget for Currency Fluctuations

“Apart from these six key points, parents need to be realistic about career opportunities in India and abroad. When selecting the university and course, clearly assess your career prospects. International education is expensive. If planned well, it can be rewarding. Otherwise, it can have serious financial consequences,” Bhonsle said.

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