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Former Natural Healing Center (NHC) owner Helios Dayspring faces jail time for corruption and tax evasion, but the discredited cannabis businessman could still collect rent checks.

Dayspring owns the property on Broad Street that was to house the company’s newest dispensary in San Luis Obispo, before the city revoked the permit, and it was said to have participated in discussions about its now suspended opening this month, according to to the public archives and to a meeting between the municipal officials of the SLO and the NHC.

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  • OWNER Helios Dayspring, who pleaded guilty to bribery and tax evasion charges on October 22, owns the new Natural Healing Center building on Broad Street.

SLO City attorney Christine Dietrick raised the issue of Dayspring’s involvement in an Oct. 15 meeting with NHC officials, lobbying Santa Barbara attorney Randy Fox to prove that Dayspring still played an active role at the 2640 Broad St. site, despite the company. supposedly oust its founder.

“I keep hearing that Mr. Dayspring is in no way involved in the direction, control, management, that he is not a part of this business and that he has not. for over a year, “Dietrick said,” and yet no later than last Friday, the architect’s representative on-site was referring to management and meetings with Mr. Dayspring. ”

A note from the SLO Police Department dated Oct. 15 echoed Dietrick’s comments. Sgt. Chad Pfarr wrote in the memo that during an on-site meeting with NHC on October 8, employees mentioned “Helios” several times. After Pfarr identified issues with the building’s security, NHC submitted a new security plan dated October 11 titled “Natural Healing Center Helios Dayspring”.

“I want you to be aware of this so that you understand how these ongoing claims that he has no connection land,” Dietrick said.

Fox countered that Dayspring owns 2640 Broad, through an entity called SLO Broad Holdings LLC. Fox said Dayspring was “responsible for completing construction of the space,” but otherwise had no connection with NHC. Last year, Dayspring handed over ownership of NHC to his longtime girlfriend, Valnette Garcia.

“NHC SLO is Valnette Garcia and she is going to lead the operation,” said Fox. “The owner of the building will then receive rent, as if he were renting any other space from SLO. The rent does not depend on the type of business that is carried on there.”

On October 19, the city of SLO finalized a decision to revoke NHC’s dispensary license, citing evidence that Dayspring lied about its illegal activity during the city’s application process. NHC has pledged to sue SLO for this decision and still has clinics open in Grover Beach and Morro Bay. According to state and county records, Dayspring is an entity manager that owns the property of NHC’s Morro Bay Dispensary on Morro Bay Boulevard.

On October 22, Dayspring formally pleaded guilty to bribery and tax evasion charges in federal court. Between 2016 and 2019, Dayspring reportedly paid $ 29,000 in bribes to late 3rd District Supervisor Adam Hill, receiving “a stream of benefits” in return, including votes. Dayspring also underreported estimated taxable income of $ 9 million between 2014 and 2018. He faces up to 13 years in federal prison and fines totaling at least $ 500,000. ??

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