Council member Pinto presents priorities for 2022

At City Center DC’s annual Christmas tree lighting celebration on Saturday, November 27, Ward 2 council member Brooke Pinto warmly spoke to a TV reporter about the deep meanings of Christmas this year. .

“You can just feel the energy,” Pinto told ABC7 News, with the decorated and sparkling 75-foot tree behind her in the cool night air. “People are so ready for the holiday season and to be together this year to celebrate. There is such a holiday spirit and such enthusiasm… to truly celebrate what the holidays mean. It’s not necessarily about excess, toys and gifts, but celebrating family and looking out for each other as neighbors.

We caught up with board member Pinto about her governance priorities for the new year and how she will help monitor her neighbors in Georgetown from her position on the DC board.

“Throughout my tenure on Council, I have been resolutely committed to the recovery of our small businesses – by introducing and pushing through an extension of the Great Streets program in Ward 2, by designing in-budget grant programs for hotels and hotel workers and lowering rents for brick and mortar businesses, and supporting our main streets and women-owned and minority-owned businesses, ”Pinto told the Georgetowner. “As we enter another year with the lingering effects of the pandemic, I will continue to advocate for the issues that help our small businesses the most. Support for our small businesses and residents is multi-layered and includes not only subsidies and streamlining regulations, but also improvements in public safety, transportation safety and environmental protection.

As winter sets in and reminders of hypothermia season abound, Pinto is particularly concerned about addressing housing and homelessness issues in Georgetown. “I remain committed to helping homeless neighbors move quickly to safe and sustainable housing – a major focus this winter,” she said.

She wants to ensure equal access to recreational facilities in Ward 2. “I will soon be introducing legislation to ensure fairness in the use of licensing agreements in all recreational facilities within the district. These facilities are public resources and all residents deserve to have access to [having] fun!”

Pinto’s commitment to women’s rights will also be reflected in her priorities for young female students in public and charter schools in her district and beyond. “I am also committed to expanding my support for women and girls and for menstrual equity,” she said. “The legislation that I introduced to provide free products to all DCPS schools was funded in this year’s budget and I am committed to pushing through and enacting the legislation. But there is still work to be done to extend this basic human need to more residents of the district and I will fight to make it happen.

On the DC board this year, Pinto helped implement major fundraising initiatives in line with his priorities for Ward 2 and Georgetown. On Twitter (@ CMBrookePinto), she pinned an August 5, 2020 snapshot of key budget targets for fiscal year / 22. She will fight for $ 40 million for the “HOTEL Bridge Fund” to “support the hotel industry and an additional $ 40 million for” rent relief for small businesses. ” It will support more spending on a Georgetown habitability study as well as renovations to Volta Park and Jelleff Recreation Center. And, to address housing and homelessness issues, it will support $ 400 million in municipal spending for the Housing Production Trust Fund, $ 95 million to house around 2,200 “homeless neighbors” and $ 50 million to repairs to public housing, including the ‘Ward 2 properties at Horizon House and Claridge Towers.

In the holiday spirit, Pinto shared how inspired she is every day by her neighbors in Georgetown: “Our residents of Ward 2 inspire me. everyday. I invite neighbors to continue to contact me with ideas and to join me in working to make our communities stronger.

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