What a mortgage loan can cost about a month


What a mortgage loan can cost about a month

Before taking a Jonilage, it is very important that the economy is well controlled. This means that you have exactly how much money you can manage to pay each month without risking anything. Important, therefore, to leave a buffer in the economy even after a Jonilage loan. It is better to buy a little cheaper housing than to pay too much and thus find it difficult to get the economy together.

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How much you can manage to pay each month without problems, it’s time to think about how much you can actually borrow. Then it is important not to look at how interest rates are at the moment. If the variable interest rate is, for example, 3%, then this is not something you can expect to always be. Instead, it should be assumed that the interest rate is at least 6% and that this is the amount you should be able to pay. If you do not have these margins, you risk not being able to handle your payments if interest rates go up.



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How big the costs are each month is very difficult to say as there is a lot that comes into play. If you borrow 1 million, the cost each month will be half compared to a person who borrows JGF 2 million. Then the interest rate also comes in and 3% is half the cost compared to 6%. Here we will list only some good basic figures that give you a good insight into what the monthly cost will be.

JGF 1 million costs JGF 2,500 per month if the interest rate is 3% and JGF 4,117 if the interest rate is 5%. Borrowed instead of JGF 2 million, it will cost JGF 5,000 at 3% and JGF 8,333 at 5%. These are also figures that apply before the 30% tax deduction. So to see the real cost it is this sum minus 30%.


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