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Private loans

When people think of a loan, it is usually a private loan that they think of. This is not immediately strange as it is one of the most common and classic types of loans. A private loan is simply a regular loan with no frills that you can apply to in virtually all banks. For […]


Mortgage or loan: what is it worth?

Mortgage or loan ? This is the question that many people, having to buy a property, ask themselves. In principle the decisive factor is the available liquidity : for higher amounts the preferable solution is a mortgage, otherwise the option of a simple loan can also be evaluated. In general the solution favored by the […]


Do you loan students the next bubble?

In the United States, the fears for the student loan bubble are becoming increasingly evident. The concerns derive not only from the size of the problem, well over twelve hundred billion dollars, but also from the fact that in addition to the students who obtained the loans, among which many may not be able to […]


Which Debt Payment System Works Best

On several occasions I have written articles on various methods to end your debts . Basically, we have the debt snowball method, with two variants: Start with the debt that has the smallest amount. Start with the debt with the highest interest rate. In today’s article, we are going to make some numbers to see […]


Mortgage annuity loan: the news

The Chamber of Deputies has just approved a bill presented by the Democrats Antonio Misiani and Marco Causi concerning the life-long mortgage loan. This is a modification to the previous legislation which has the specific purpose of making this type of financing more convenient for all those who decide to request it, as well as […]

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